St. Thomas Endowment

The Endowment Fund was established in 2009 to provide a permanently invested growth and development fund for St. Thomas.  Income from the Fund provides both for the long term needs of the church and for programs not related to ongoing monthly expenses. 


The principal is invested with the Trustees of the Funds of the Diocese in its $140 million dollar Fund, managed for the benefit of the participating churches.  Our Endowment Fund provides a wonderful opportunity for people to remember St. Thomas in their wills or with insurance policies.  However, contributions can be made at any time to help our endowment continue to grow in value.  The St. Thomas Endowment Committee is (Dr.) David Smith (chair), Will Ferris, Scott Johnston, Lynne Montgomery, and Charlie Stringfellow. Our Rector and Treasurer are ex officio members of the committee.


If you would like to donate to our Endowment fund to support the ministry of St. Thomas now and in the future, please contact our Parish Administrator Joy.

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