St. Thomas Endowment

The Endowment Fund was established in 2009 to provide a permanently invested growth and development fund for St. Thomas.  Income from the Fund provides both for the long term needs of the church and for programs not related to ongoing monthly expenses. 


Currently the Clergy Housing and Phase IV Funds are invested with the Episcopal Church Foundation’s Endowment Management Solutions, which has over $200M under management.   The General Endowment Fund is invested in a mix of Fidelity broad-based stock and bond index funds.  Our Endowment Fund provides a wonderful opportunity for people to remember St. Thomas in their planned giving through bequests, life insurance or life-income gifts.  However, contributions of cash or securities can be made at any time to help our endowment continue to grow in value. 


Need more information on the various options for giving to the endowment?   The Episcopal Church Foundation website ( has useful information to get you started. However, you should always check with your financial advisor to determine the right choice for you.


A Plan of Organization governs the management of the endowment. For more information or have further questions, please contact or a member of the Endowment Committee: David Alton Smith (chair), Chuck Grimes, Toby Bush, Steve Miles, and Bruce Allan.

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