2020 Pledge Campaign

‘Wonder in All’ are words of relationship from our baptismal liturgy – they are also a call of action to you and to me. They are a call to witness, name and increase the wonders of God’s work within ourselves, around our church, and for our neighbors near and far. They are a call to witness name, and increase where God is calling you, me, and all of us at St Thomas Episcopal Church.


St Thomas is 100% self-supporting. Pledges make up more than 80% of our annual budget. During October and November, we ask each parishioner to make a commitment to St. Thomas for the coming year. This non-binding pledge will allows the Vestry to create a balanced budget 2020. If you would like to pledge online – you can do so in our secure members area – click PLEDGE online.


The Wonder in All of St Thomas has great meaning for us and our neighbors and friends. During every service throughout the campaign we will highlight our impact in the community both near and far. We will celebrate our 2020 pledges during Ingathering weekend November 16th and 17th. We hope you can join us!




St. Thomas’ Stewardship Committee

Toby Bush

Steve Wickman

Jean Kemp

Melinda Fairchild

Cleta Raymond

The Rev. Fran Gardner-Smith


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