• Exodus Week 3 (February 1 and February 4, 2021)
    February 1, 2021 |     No Comments

    Is there archaeological evidence for the events described in the book of Exodus?   This class explores that question. The class resource is filled with photos of items found in Egypt and the area now known as Israel that provide much clarity about the history of that region from 1500-1000 BCE. Download the third class…

  • Genesis 1-12: A Map for Exiles – Week 3
    June 8, 2020 |     No Comments

    Meeting 3 — Genesis 1 and 2 In the Image of God—What it Means to be Human   A Map for Exiles We have seen God’s creating work as described in the seven days in Genesis 1 and the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2. Now we turn our attention to one part of God’s creation, namely, humanity. As the Psalmist reflects on the creat…

  • Genesis 1-12: A Map for Exiles – Week 2
    May 26, 2020 |     No Comments

    Genesis 2 – Sabbath and Temple: Sacred Time and Sacred Space   Introduction In our first session we saw how God intervened in tohu wabohu, Hebrew words that represent void, that is, the absence of both functionality and future, darkness and chaos. God intervened, not with an army, but with Wind (Spirit), Word and Light…

  • Genesis 1-12: A Map for Exiles – Week 1
    May 19, 2020 |     No Comments

    A Broad Background for Genesis 1-12 and Our Six Studies Scholars now believe much of Genesis 1 was written by a priest for the people of Jerusalem and Judah who had been taken in slavery to Babylon around the year 587 BCE (Before the Common Era). In addition, these scholars also believe that it was this priest who took the…

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