Currently all children and all adults are required to wear masks while inside the building.



10 am Sunday


The St. Thomas’ Cribbery is open and staffed each Sunday morning during the 10am Service for children aged three and under. Our Caregiver, Ms. Nicole Warga has worked in our Cribbery for nearly 20 years! The Cribbery is located in our Education Wing. After you enter the front doors, take a left as you face the sanctuary. You’ll find the cribbery through the door and straight ahead.



Faith Formation for Children & Youth

10 am Sunday


With an extremely talented team of volunteer Sunday School teachers, St. Thomas strongly supports children and youth.  We pray for our children to develop a deep relationship with a loving and forgiving God. And after we pray, we act in ways to be present for our children during the liturgy, at Sunday School, during coffee hour and during special family events.  We offer opportunities for all to grow as God’s loving and steadfast family.


Our Sunday School program takes place during the beginning of worship.  The children rejoin the congregation at The Peace when we all greet each other with an expression of Christ’s peace.



Grades Pre-K to Three

This classroom uses the Godly Play curriculum, a creative and imaginative approach to Christian nurture. It teaches children the art of using parables, sacred stories, silence and liturgical actions. This curriculum fosters an awareness of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives and offers the children a broad understanding of the Spirit, the Creator, and the Redeemer.  Their God-given imaginations are encouraged! To learn more about Godly Play click here.


Grades Four to Six

Our program for older elementary children uses the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum. We are focusing on Baptism and Eucharist this year, as well as learning more about St. Thomas. We encourage the creativity and service in our young people by offering mission projects, worship leadership opportunities, and other opportunities to serve in Jesus’ name.  The time they spend on these projects may be credited to service hours at their local school.  We seek to educate them to be participants in society as strong, empathetic, active Christians. 

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