No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome at St. Thomas, and we are eager for a chance to make your acquaintance. After our 10 AM Sunday services, we have Coffee Hour in our parish hall and would be delighted to have you join us.


This page explains what happens during the service and answers frequently asked questions.


What to Expect


When you enter the building, you’ll find yourself in our Narthex (that’s Episco-speak for lobby). Ushers will be available to welcome you and give you a paper bulletin. Straight ahead is the Sanctuary where the service is conducted.  If you have children three and under, they can enjoy professional childcare while parents get a break. Older children will be welcome at Children’s Chapel during the service.


What Happens During the Service

Once you take a seat in a pew, you’ll find that most of the information you need is in the bulletin. It contains most of the music for the hymns we will sing, the scripture readings, and the congregation’s responses during the service. The back of the pew will also have copies of the red Book of Common Prayer and three different hymnals with traditional and more contemporary music, but you usually won’t need them just to get through the service. Our weekly service bulletins and live stream is available here.


Our priests lead worship in a way that helps our visitors get oriented. If you’re feeling confused, ask someone sitting near you for help. We don’t want to invade your privacy, but we’re all delighted to offer assistance.


Attending Episcopal Church is a whole body experience. We sit to listen, stand to sing, and stand or kneel to pray. But feel free just to sit if that makes you the most comfortable.



Frequently Asked Questions

We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you!

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