2021 Pledge Campaign

‘One Together’ are words of relationship from our baptismal liturgy – they also describe the sense of community in our congregation. However you are worshiping God at this time, in person or via Zoom,  we are all one church, one body, One Together. Whether we are together or socially distance, we are called by God to be One Together through our faith and baptism.


St Thomas is 100% self-supporting. Pledges make up more than 80% of our annual budget. During October and November, we ask each parishioner to make a commitment to St. Thomas for the coming year. This non-binding pledge will allow the Vestry to create a balanced budget in 2021. If you would like to pledge online – you can do so in our secure members area – click PLEDGE online.


In these unprecedented times of global uncertainty, our Stewardship campaign set twin targets: 75 pledges that would provide a total budget of $386,000. We have made amazing progress! Thanks to the generosity of our incredible pledgers we have already exceeded our pledged total target, click the video below to check it out…



St. Thomas’ Stewardship Committee

Toby Bush

Steve Wickman

Jean Kemp

Melinda Fairchild

Cleta Raymond

The Rev. Fran Gardner-Smith


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