Why do we request pledges?

Your pledges make it possible for us to budget for next year. We know that many of you give to our church, so if you are already planning on giving we are simply asking that you share your plans in advance.


How important is my pledge?

Pledges make up 80 percent of our budget.  Right now, the Finance Committee is working on a provisional budget of approximately $500,000 for 2019.  This means we need $400,000 in pledge income, about a 4% increase over last year’s pledges.


When are pledges due?  

We are hoping to have all pledges returned by the weekend of November 17-18, 2018, when we celebrate our Fall Pledge Campaign at all three services that weekend.


What do I do with my pledge card?  

Please put it in an envelope and place it in the offering plate or mail it to the church. Please be sure to mark the envelope “2019 Pledge.” 


Can I pledge online?

Yes! We have the ability to securely accept your pledges on-line. Please log into the church directory (click here) and select the giving tab in your profile.


Are there instructions for logging into the church directory? 

Yes. Click here. 


What do I do if I don’t receive my pledge card? 

Please contact the church office. Alternatively you can make your pledge directly online, using the link above.


How much should I pledge?

Everyone‘s situation is different. Thoughtfully and prayerfully consider your circumstances. This chart (click here) shows proportional giving based on your income. Last year our average pledge was  approximately $4900.


Am I required to pledge?

There is no requirement that you pledge. However, pledging support to the congregation is one way of offering support for the mission and ministry that St. Thomas engages in. It’s helpful when everyone submits a pledge card, for planning purposes.


If I am not pledging, why do I need to return a pledge card?

We need to know your intent. We know that everyone is busy, and many people mean to pledge but forget to return their card. As a courtesy, we will call anyone who has not returned their pledge card by the end of the campaign.


What happens if I make a pledge, and then can’t fulfill it?

We fully understand the circumstances of life interfere with our best intentions. If you realize that you cannot fulfill your pledge, please let the Treasurer or the Rector know.  


Can I pay my pledge online?

Yes. If you have a PayPal account, you can click here to be connected to St. Thomas’ PayPal account. Conversely, you can use your electronic bill paying system to arrange for your bank to send St. Thomas a check on a set basis (every week, every month) and have your pledge paid in equal payments all year long.


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