SHARE Most Needed Food & Personal Care Items for September 2022

Note: Items in bold are what is needed most


Canned tuna/chicken

Canned beans (chickpea, black, kidney, etc)

Canned fruit or fruit cups

Pasta / Spaghetti / Ramen noodles

Canned vegetables (corn, mixed)

Cereal / oatmeal

Canned tomato products (diced, sauce)

Pasta sauce (cans or plastic jars) 

Peanut butter / Jam / jelly  

Snacks/bars (granola bars, etc)

Vegetable oil (24 oz, 48 oz)


Toilet paper

Diapers – Size 5, Pull-Ups Size 4-5T


Laundry detergent (15 – 32 loads) 

Toothbrushes (individually wrapped)


Baby wipes 

Bar soap

Feminine hygiene (panty liners -> maxi pads)


Note: Share would welcome re-usable grocery size bags, paper shopping bags with intact handles, plastic grocery bags (used but intact is ok), and empty egg cartons (1 dozen size).


Note: Share can now accept refrigerated and frozen goods such as chicken, fresh produce, yogurt, cheeses, and eggs but only by prior arrangement (contact:


Not needed at this time: Share currently has ample supplies of Mac&Cheese and canned soup.


Please remember: NO GLASS, NO OVER-SIZED items, and no items past their best-if used by date.

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