At St. Thomas, we learn to pray more deeply, to understand God’s word more clearly, and to discern the movement and work of God around us more surely, so we can live more fully into Jesus’ offer to us of a Gospel way of life. Therefore, we offer both on-going and seasonal classes and groups to support us in this formation. Classes may be taught by the clergy, parishioners, or guest speakers.


Adult Programs

Bible Study: We are privileged to several well trained clergy and lay people who offer various classes that allow us to delve deeper into our Scriptures, explore our questions, and develop of faith. 


Lenten Series: Each Lenten season we host a soup supper on Tuesdays, followed by a program that allows us to learn more on spiritual practices that help us pray, serve, and strengthen our relationship with God and each other.


Trainings: We believe that prayer must also be done with our hands and feet. To assist us in being the best disciples we can be, St. Thomas offer various trainings throughout the year on subjects ranging from Episcopal Evangelism to Digital Fluency, from  Mental Health Awareness to Cultural Sensitivity. 


Forums: From time to time we will host a speaker for forum on a specific subject. Past topic include: Teen Mental Health, Diaconal Saints, and Journey to the Episcopal Church.


Book Clubs: Throughout the year various groups will chose to host a book club to explore a particular topic of interest.


Please call the Church Office (703-442-0330) if you would like any more information.


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