Did you know that most weekdays (except for Fridays) we worship in our sanctuary at noon?


On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, we pray Noonday Prayer together. This simple service is found in the Book of Common Prayer on pages 103-107. If there is a saint’s remembrance assigned to the day, we substitute that psalm, scripture reading, and collect for the ones in the prayer book. We also have a time for open prayers of intercession and thanksgiving. The whole service takes about 10-15 minutes.


On Tuesdays, we’ve begun offering a service of Holy Eucharist with prayers for healing. Again, we remember the saint assigned for the day. And following the prayers of the people, we offer healing prayer and anointing with healing oil. This service takes a bit longer, about 25-30 minutes. We will celebrate the Eucharist every Tuesday, unless for some reason, Will and I are both out. Then, Rishabh will lead noonday prayer.


These new services began because Will and Rishabh suggested that it would be lovely to pray together every day in our beautiful sanctuary. And they were, of course, right! It’s a gift to stop working shortly before noon, enter our sanctuary, and pray. Everyone is invited to join us. If you’re near St. Thomas at noon, stop by. We’d love to pray with you.


written by The Very Rev. Fran Gardner-Smith, Rector

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