Sharing God’s Love with the World

St. Thomas has a rich history of mission and outreach, coupled with a tradition of seeking opportunities for members of all ages to help others in need. In order to realize the mission potential of our parish, we strive to provide opportunities for both monetary and hands-on help at levels both large and small, with a balanced local, diocesan, national, and world focus.  We recognize the importance of helping and serving others; when we reach out in service and love to others we strengthen our relationship to God.


Ascension Church, Beraud, Haiti

St. Thomas has a partnership with Ascension Church in Beraud, a rural town in southern Haiti. Beraud is quite close to the epicenter of the August 2021 earthquake. We were able to send a sizable donation to help with relief work following this tragedy. 


For a number of years, we sent a small group of adults and older teens to lead a Vacation Bible Camp for the children of Ascension Church. The camp is held at the Business and Technology Institute, formerly the Bishop Tharp Institute, (BTI) in Les Cayes. Political unrest has meant that we have been unable to travel to Haiti since 2017. Since 2018, we have offered financial support for the VBS program and Ascension Church and School. 


Here are a few photos from the Vacation Bible School in 2018.



History of the Haiti Mission

We first traveled to Haiti in 2011. The Rev. Stephen Edmondson and a small group of St. Thomas’ parishioners traveled to Haiti to explore forming a relationship with Ascension Church and BTI. Pere Kesner Ajax was our host for the trip. Pere Ajax directs the Partnership program for the Diocese of Haiti. He is also the Director of BTI, a four year college focusing on business and technology. Plus, he is the Rector of Ascension Church in Beraud. BTI is located in Les Cayes, the third largest city in Haiti. Beraud is a small village about 30 minutes outside of Les Cayes. A full description of our first trip can be found here, including our reflections on the experience. Our yearly trips to Haiti have provided wonderful opportunities for us to share in Jesus’ love and enjoy the community we have formed together.


Other International Missions & Outreach

In past years, St. Thomas parishioners have engaged in other international missions & outreach as well:

  • Santiago, Dominican Republic – Several parisioshers joined another Northern Virginia Episcopal Church on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. They performed construction work and led Vacation Bible School.
  • South Sudan – Parishioners have worked with the Episcopal Church in South Sudan to bring essential goods and services to the people there.

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