Worship at St. Thomas is at the center of our life together. As we hear and ponder God’s word, lift up our hearts to God in song, offer our concerns to God in prayer, and gather with Jesus around the table, we are drawn closer to one another in fellowship through the power of the Holy Spirit.  In the midst of our busy lives, giving thanks for God’s blessings serves as a source of comfort and refreshment that empowers us for our ministry in the world.


We offer three services of worship each weekend all year round.  Praying together, reflecting on God’s word, and sharing communion, often called Holy Eucharist, a feast to which all are welcome, characterize our worship.  Within this broad framework, each service is distinct.  Read on to learn more:


5:00 PM Saturday. Quiet and contemplative, this is a spoken service with no music.  The congregation is smaller, allowing for a more intimate experience. 


8:00 AM Sunday.  Also contemplative, this service is nurtured by simple acapella singing and instrumental music.


10:00 AM Sunday.  If our other two services are marked by quiet and contemplation – this service is not!   Listen for the beauty of our music, led by organ and our choir. Feel the joy of Christian community as we share the Peace of Christ with one another.  Picture enthusiastic children sitting in front of the altar for an upfront view of the Eucharistic Prayer.  Join with others from St. Thomas as we learn how to live out our Christian mission each week.





Our children’s Christian Education program takes place from early September to mid-May during the first half of this service.  Find out more in the Sunday School section of our website. 




At St. Thomas, we baptize children and adults who would like to join Christ’s church.  Our community takes seriously its commitment to support any who wish to join with us on our journey in Christ’s footsteps. We are overjoyed to baptize any who commit themselves to this journey with us. If you’d like to know more about Baptism at St. Thomas, contact our Rector.




Our worship every Sunday is truly an offering of the whole of our community. Our worship is only possible through the contributions of many in our congregation through a variety of ministries. If you would like to become involved in any of the ministries listed below, please contact Joy, our Parish Administrator.



Worship Leaders


Acolytes are boys and girls from age 7 through high school who assist the priest at the 10:00 AM worship service. 

Adult Choir

All singers are welcome to participate in choral music at the 10:00 AM worship service. Regular rehearsals are on Thursdays at 7:30 PM and at 9:30 AM on Sundays. The choir sings from the Sunday after Labor Day through early June. Our Choir Director is Walter Koehler.

Children’s Music Program

Starting this fall, our Children’s music program will take place two Sundays per month, following the 10:00 AM worship service. Grab a cookie at coffee hour and meet Ms. Susan in the sanctuary. See the September Messenger for more details.


Lectors read the scripture lessons at our 10:00 AM Sunday services. Anyone may read, regardless of age or experience. Most lectors study these texts in preparation to read, which enriches their experience and deepens and rewards that effort. 


Ushers provide a warm welcome to parishioners, newcomers and guests each Sunday at the 10:00 service. They greet everyone, hand out bulletins, and identify Oblationers for the day. Ushers are responsible for the flow of the service, working in harmony with the clergy to ensure a smooth service from start to finish, including re-ordering the pews after the service. Ushering is a great ministry for solo parishioners, families with young children and couples.  

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (sometimes called LEMS) lead our weekly Prayers of the People and assist with the distribution of Holy Communion during worship. Eucharistic Visitors bring communion to those who are home bound. LEMs require a license from the Bishop and serve by invitation.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares and arranges the Eucharistic elements (bread, wine, and communion vessels) for each service. They also care for all the linens and vessels. 


Flower Guild

Members of the flower guild arrange flowers to grace the altar and Narthex. Periodic workshops on flower arranging are offered. 


Would you like to join one of these groups?

Every one of these groups welcomes new members and provides training. Contact Joy, our Parish Administrator, who will put you in touch with the group’s leader.

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